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A family-owned, mixed, rural animal practice specializing in equine, bovine, feline, and canine reproduction, along with general medicine and surgery. 



The Elkhorn Vet Clinic's mascot, "Bruce", is always at the clinic during business hours just in case you're having a bad day. 


Ultrasound diagnostics for bovine, equine, and canine pregnancy detection. 


Hydraulic Chute, Daniels Double Alley &  Portable Corrals 

Are you needing your cattle worked but don't have the setup? Elkhorn Vet Clinic has got your back. With an easy setup that takes less than 20 minutes, we can run your livestock through whether they are 100 pounds or 2,000 pounds. 


Royal Canin

Puppy or adult dogs, we have everything you need. Royal Canin provides you with optimal nutrition for any size of dog, any age, and any problem. 



From calving to pre-conditioning, weaning, and Preg checking, we have every vaccine you need, including implants. Decreasing stress, increasing profit margin, and maximizing efficiency for your herd.


Blood Work 

Dr. Lindsey has a full array of

in-house laboratory equipment to do all of the blood work you need, within minutes at the clinic.  IDEXX machines can tract progesterone for multiple species within 12 minutes and can also perform any blood work from a CBC to a chemistry. 

Cremation Services

Our staff understands that losing a pet is hard.With that being said, we want the owners and the pets to be as comfortable as possible. Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic offers cremation services for your pets. Along with cremation services we provide you with an urn. Additionally, we offer clay paws, at the owners choice, to help you always remember your "fur"-ever friend.  

Daniels Double Alley.PNG





From head to toe,  Dr. Lindsey can perform x-rays such as  potential fractured bones or OFA hip/elbow certification and more. 



Is your calf dehydrated and needs some Calf SX? How about some Veggiedents to make your dog's teeth shiny and white? Maybe even some tags and iodine for calving season? You name it, we've got it. But what if we don't have it? Any time before 3:00 PM, we can place an order and have it here the next morning.



From Rabies to Distemper to Kennel Cough, each time your dog gets vaccinated, we make reminder cards to send out to remind you when your dog is due. Always keep your pets happy and healthy!


After Hours

Are you needing to pick up items from the clinic but can't make it within business hours? Just call OR text the vet clinic phone number and have everything you need set out. Also shout out to one and two sisters on the beautiful year round decorations. 

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