February Newsletter


Bovine -

Calving season has officially started for the Elkhorn Vet Clinic. Be sure to stop in and get all of your calving supplies. (Some essential calving supply prices can be seen on our "This Season" page) 

With the wet conditions this year, it is going to be very important to get iodine on navals as soon as the calves hit the ground. We do carry single doses of vaccine that are recommended to give at birth. 

These vaccines such as Alpha 7, Calfguard, MultiMin 90, and Inforce 3 are crucial in order to prevent pneumonia, scours, and other respiratory infections in the future. 

Since the calving season is in full swing, it means the breeding season is right around the corner. We carry all breeding supplies. If you are going to need an abundant amount please be sure to call in ahead of time so that we can make sure we have enough of the supplies you need. If you call us before 3PM we can order and have any supply here by the next day. (some restrictions apply)

Canine & Feline - 

Flea and tick season is right around the corner. We do carry Seresto collars for both Canine and Feline as well as Simparica which is an oral treatment for Canine. For Feline Flea and Tick Treatment, we carry Bravecto which is a topical treatment that lasts 3 months.  We also carry another topical treatment for Feline which is Revolution. Revolution only lasts one month. 

Reminder: If you cannot make it to the clinic within business hours, please call the clinic and we can set stuff out for you in the mailbox. 

Always keep your pet happy and healthy.

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