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Equine - 

Competitions are here!! With that being said, out of state competitions require a coggins and a health certificate. In order to get coggins results before the competition we must draw the blood at least a 2-3 days in advance. Coggins are good for 1 year. Also, don't forget about vaccinating and deworming your horses. 

*** With a case of VS (Vesicular Stomatitis) in Nebraska, some competitions are requiring a vet check/health certificate within a 48 hour period of the competition. (Most competitions also require a coggins.) In order to find out what you need to be able to enter the competition, please call us and we will contact the State of Nebraska to see what is required of you and your pet. 

Bovine -

Flys are crazy this year. Be sure to get the best fly control for you cows. Hoof rot, pneumonia, and other infections are creeping up on calves/cows as well. We have antibiotics on hand for all of your needs. 

Canine & Feline - 

Flea and tick season is here. We do carry Seresto collars for both Canine and Feline as well as Simparica which is an oral treatment for Canine. For Feline Flea and Tick Treatment, we carry Bravecto which is a topical treatment that lasts 3 months.  We also carry another topical treatment for Feline which is Revolution. Revolution only lasts one month. 

Reminder: If you cannot make it to the clinic within business hours, please call the clinic during business hours and we can set stuff out for you in the mailbox. 

Always keep your pets happy and healthy.

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